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 Viewing the valley on irish walking holiday

We offer a range of Walking Holidays including:

* The Antrim Glens & Causeway Coast Independent Walking Holiday

* The Beara Peninsula Guided Walking Holiday

* The Kerry Peninsula Guided Walking Holiday - NEW!

* Special Interest Traditional Ireland Guided Walking Holiday - NEW!

Independent Walking Holidays
Our independent holiday on the Causeway Coast & Glens has everything but the guide. We supply you with 50,000: 1 maps, a comprehensive set of route notes, pre-book all your accommodation, arrange transport to and from the walks as required and move your luggage between accommodation each day. We also supply you with a list of suggested eating houses and a “must see” “must do” list. Other than that the holiday is yours to do as you please. You will find this type of holiday allows you freedom to choose: departure in the mornings, arrival in the evenings, lunchtime, times to potter about, leisure time. It gives you the flexibility to explore in your own time. It allows you to set your own pace and the only time restrictions are those set by yourself.

Our Causeway Coast & Glens is an eight day holiday which can be further split into a five day and four day holiday. We would suggest that walkers who have experience of hill and valley walking would enjoy the full holiday. For the less experienced walker or for those going on their first walking holiday we would suggest starting in Ballycastle and taking in Rathlin Island and the three-day walk along the famous Causeway Coast.

Guided Walking Holidays - Group Escorted
Our Guided Walking Holidays are a truly different experience, with people from a variety of countries, joining together with the same common interest: to enjoy walking in this wonderful island of IRELAND. Groups are made of 6-14 individually booked people and are escorted by one of our excellent Irish guides who ensures the smooth running of your holiday from start to finish. Your guide will also have a wealth of knowledge about the area through which you walk each day and on life in Ireland-both past and present. The ambience created with a guided group is fantastic and whether you are on your own or with friends, the international mix always proves a tremendous success, and all go home with wonderful experiences and stories not to mention the newly made and everlasting friendships.

Each walking day we hike 12-22km / 8-13 miles and the maximum height is 600 metres/2000 feet. We eat our picnic lunch in the open fresh air, whether it is at the side of a hill or on a riverbank, this is a time that is enjoyed by all and great stories are exchanged between the guide and the group. The evening meal is a particularly relaxing time of our day a time to review the day’s experiences, chat about the walk, get to know each other a little better, while tucking into excellent food in local restaurants, pubs or prepared by your host in our accommodation - wherever the place, the Irish food never disappoints. Afterwards those who have energy to spare can socialize in the usual Irish manner enjoying the hospitality, music and “craic” in the local pubs.

Special Interest Guided Walking Holiday
Our Special Interest “Traditional Ireland” guided holiday is ideally suited to the less experienced walker or someone on their first walking holiday to Ireland. This “themed holiday” give you an opportunity to see more of the country and enjoy some walking and sightseeing at the same time.

This holiday allow you to learn and hear about the culture and history of Ireland, appreciate its ancient structure and walk its famous soil. This Special Interest Leisure walk is normally limited to an exclusive group of 8 people thereby increasing the personal attention, which we now famous for. We will dine you and pamper you, take you to excellent accommodations, give you wonderful evening meals, appetizing picnic lunches and spectacular walks with a wealth of knowledge on the chosen theme.
This holiday differs from our “regular” Guided Holidays-covering a greater area of the country and therefore involving more driving. This allows us to take you to places off the beaten track before bringing you to the welcome and comfort of your accommodation. During the evening meal the day’s exploits are discussed and relived.